Entrance of ‘internet technology’ into our lives has caused changes in our shopping habits as in many areas. Shopping, being a cultural and social activity, has moved away from high-traffic streets and large crowded shopping malls towards the ‘virtual network’ that provides convenience to today’s urban people who are racing time. 

Fabricated furniture is a mass production and mostly  poor quality raw materials are used to reduce cost. Besides,they are either simple and ordinary or ostentatious in design. As ‘İKONA ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN ATELIER’ we are in the virtual environment but precisely, we are in a different lane. We aim to produce furniture and accessories which are carefully designed and made with quality hand-workmanship, including the smallest detail, to create a CHEERFUL and STYLISH atmosphere in the environment they enter.

Personal styles, educational differences and cultural levels effect in decorating living areas.If your taste and lifestyle match our designs and if your aim is to reach FUNCTIONAL, AESTHETIC and DURABLE furniture at not too high prices…WELCOME to iKONA! Possessing the symbol ‘Emerald Phonix’ we are ready to recreate places you live…